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Love and honour

The smell and taste of our culture Gracious & Truthful – we want to be kind and generous in the way we think and speak about others whether they agree or disagree with us, clearly communicating what we believe and why.

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Identity restored

People discovering who they truly are through Christ. Cross & Resurrection – We want to honour all that Jesus has done for us and embrace the way of the cross individually, with full knowledge of His resurrection power which sets us free.

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Relational growth

Growing in character and numbers by living and doing it the Jesus way. Making true disciples for the kingdoms advancement. Thinking big by doing small, Unity & Diversity, Word & Spirit

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Prayer and worship

His house, a house of prayer filled with awe struck worshippers Transcendence & Presence – We want to live lives that celebrate God’s awesome power, transcendent majesty and sovereign work, while at the same time experiencing his intimate presence as we encounter Him in heartfelt worship.

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Missional living

Doing the works of the Father, like Jesus did and the early church modelled, adapted to our cultural context for the maximum impact of the Kingdom and glorification of Jesus. Mission & Community – We want to see the church become a missionary movement to love, reach the lost and care for the poor.

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Servant hood leadership

Five fold ministries releasing the body to ministry. Continuity & Change – We want to be faithful guardians of an unchanging message about the person and work of Jesus, and the need for personal salvation and sanctification, while also adapting ways of worship, teaching, being church and doing mission according to culture and context.

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Kingdom reality

His Kingdom manifested now through us. A people that carry his presence and power. Natural & Supernatural – We want to see every Christian using all the natural reason, wisdom and skill that they can, while also learning to operate in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit to minister to others in love and power as Jesus did.

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We are pleased to announce we are soon moving into a premise with the capacity to accommodate our rapid growth for the foreseeable future. With a new headquarters comes new opportunities to grow and motivate our hard working teams, and host our meetings in a bit more style, and rumour has it there may be some frequent Barbeques involved.

It's not far- we're moving to a neighbouring suburb of the current. Very soon as CCK we are packing up the office into boxes and moving into a new home. That means we have a new physical address:

Butabika, Kampala Road, Kampala district, Uganda.

We disqualify every rumour of changing phone numbers. The office line will always be 0790914792 and each of our individual numbers have not changed so don’t be shy if lost raise any of the personal contacts you got. This also means that we may not be answering our phones or emails for a while as computers and phones are being packed into and out of boxes. We’ve had a great time since 2012 at the Mutungo hill and we’re looking forward to the future at our new offices in Butabika.

Weekly Activities


Day off for most volunteers and staff of CCK (unless otherwise office is usually closed)


Worship team rehearsal