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Music as a form of worship is not news any more, most of the faiths use music as one of the ways of expressing their worship. At CCK we keep it simple and relevant as our vision in musical worship is to draw people to the throne of grace and take them deeper. We focus on letting the spirit lead and everyone else follows thereafter. It’s not so much about how great the sound and ambience can be but more to do with getting every worshipper to that sacred-secret place with total honesty in spirit and truth ready to touch the heart of the Father. To us at CCK, this is the core of all ministration in our meetings.


Every last Friday of any month on your calendar is a day of worship a few hours of connecting with the father doing nothing else but musical worship. At these gatherings, there’s more freedom to keep going and the element of spontaneous worship is given no boundaries opposed to a two hour service with thirty minutes allocated to worship through music. You have more time to connect to the heavens through musical worship. Prayer, prophecy, meditation, word of knowledge and other spiritual ministrations are common at these meetings. Those that have attended have had an awesome time in the presence of God and can testify to that. We will receive you with open arms on anyone of those evenings.

Weekly Activities


Day off for most volunteers and staff of CCK (unless otherwise office is usually closed)


Worship team rehearsal