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It's been four years since we started, and we at CCK are enjoying God's blessing at four years. We have come this far and seen God's love and His faithfulness among his people.

With a new headquarters comes new opportunities and challenges that just set you up to shine in God's glory. Yes! we have seen God glorify Himself through the rough patches that come along with getting started in a new area and community. God Himself has motivated our hard working teams. His grace and blessing we have seen in constant supply everyday of this amazing journey.

Within a short time we are blessed to mention we have a new physical address. We nolonger meet in hotel halls for our worship services. All our meetings now happen at our premises. God has blessed us with an opportunity to minister to the young people. We now have a youth service running every Sunday afternoon. Ministries like Market place and others we see ggrow and come into existence everyday. Dear friends, well wishers and partners, Happy 4th Anniversary! It has been four glorious years of HIS grace, mercy and loving kindness. Surely we have seen HIS goodness and mercy follow us. Let us bless HIS Name and sing HIS praises for the far that HE has brought us and step into HIS vision of the things yet to come. Ebenezer!



Weekly Activities


Day off for most volunteers and staff of CCK (unless otherwise office is usually closed)


Worship team rehearsal