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About 80% of Ugandans live in debt. This percentage is actually quite conservative with the figure closer to 90%. Financial indebt and poor management is rampant and has not spared the church. To put it plainly, most prayer requests in the church today are due to saints stuck in deep financial woes that can lead to serious consequences. Pastors and Ministers today find themselves in positions to give financial counseling. However due to lack of training sometimes this counselling fails to produce the required result and the sheep blame the shepards. In addition, the attitude towards money and wealth in the church needs to change. Most Christians do not have a healthy attitude or understanding of the financial Kingdom principles. Principles such as tithing, sowing and giving are most often misunderstood and at times may leave the Christian perplexed.

However, there are several financial kingdom principles found throughout the Bible and the purpose of the Market Place ministries is to search them out and provide a platform for the members of CCK to acquire knowledge about God's purposes concerning wealth, for without knowledge the people perish.

Deuteronomy 8:18- 'But you shall remember the LORD your GOD for it is HE who gives you power to get wealth, that HE may establish HIS covenant which HE swore to your fathers as it is this day.'

Proverbs 10:4 'He becomes poor that deals with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent makes rich.'

Proverbs 10:22 ' The blessings of the LORD maketh rich and HE adds no sorrow with it.'

Scripture informs us that the LORD desires HIS chosen to make wealth to advance the Kingdom of the God and be a blessing to many. We have been told that we are the heads and not the tails, above and not beneath and we will lend but not borrow. Yet several even in the church struggle with debt and with daily financial battles in our businesses, homes and ministries. In order to succeed we need knowledge and application of godly financial principles.

The Market place ministries is taking a Biblical view on finances and wealth and going forth in the godly principles of wealth in the kingdom of the LORD. The Ministry plans to work at breaking the strongholds of debt and lack in CCK and impart godly financial and wealth building principles to the church.

The Ministry believes 10 core truths:

1. God is the origin of all things including wealth.
2. Giving is essential
3. Live within your means
4. The Bible encourages saving
5. Keep out of debt
6. Learn to be contentment with what you have but keep moving forward to what you want to achieve.
7. Keep Records and Budgets
8. Don't' guarantee a loan of someone you don't know; and only guarantee what you are willing to lose.
9. Work Hard
10. In all things Seek Godly counsel

To raise godly leaders in the church with a healthy view of financial kingdom principles (This is a working Mission that needs brain storming). The Market place ministry plans on building people who invest in others.

Core Value:
The CCK Market place leadership ministries is within the City Church of Kampala and is governed by the core values of CCK.

Weekly Activities


Day off for most volunteers and staff of CCK (unless otherwise office is usually closed)


Worship team rehearsal